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Honey Boy...

My mother used to call me "Honey Boy", a name commonly given to a loved child in Hawaiian households. It bothered me for many years, but I grew to love it.happy02 Having been raised in Hawaii from the time I was 2 years old, its beaches, food and culture are my core.

There is a spirit that pours from the people raised in Hawaii which is recognized by everyone who has graced its shores. The Aloha Spirit fills the inhabitants of the Islands and creates a way of life, a way of communicating; and now it is about to fill the White House. Barack Obama, a son of Hawaii, has created history.sun

I am so proud to have someone who has been raised in the same waters as myself and many of the people I work with leading us. I feel so proud to have our home represented on a global scale, and for the Aloha Spirit to have inspired someone to reach, for what was once thought, unattainable heights.shine

Last night New York City was on fire with Obama fever, and all of yesterday for that matter.bell I woke up at 5 o'clock to get to the Board of Elections to see a judge so I could vote. I had forgotten to sign my registration card in September and was notified on the 3rd of November by mail. Judging by the amount of people that were at the B.O.E. by 6am I believe there were millions of stories like mine for this election. But unlike many elections in the past, people decided not to throw in the towel and really made a effort to vote for change.rock The electricity in the air was amazing. I have heard stories from people who were in all parts of New York and saw a true comradery and celebration amongst strangers and friends alike. Finally, we now start the up swing to become the America and the world I know we can be.good

Thank you Barack Obama for all you have done to inspire our country to change its ways.

Here are a few pictures of last nights big win.

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Photos by Ern Grn


Photos by Sunny Shokrae


And some Obama Hawaii love...
Obama at Sandy's

Obama #23 playing for Punahou



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